BridgeTrack is engineered to deliver the optimal return on marketing investments, bringing your brand story and your customers progressively closer, all from one simple dashboard.

While each unique service below has the flexibility to work alone to meet your changing needs, the most value comes from combining, customizing, and automating our full suite of tools:


These tools work together to intelligently target and retarget customers to build relationships and meet evolving success metrics.

  • Auto-optimize creative and bids to maximize ROI with best-performing creative, intelligent versioning, and relevant messaging for niche and repeat audiences
  • Target behaviors to modify your media message and distribution based on real-time activities, time of day, sequence, and established caps
  • Track prospects to customers through the conversion funnel, while optimizing campaigns at each level
  • Determine the most effective ways to maximize performance at each level of the sales funnel with our proprietary Test & Learn method of media optimization
  • View Reach & Frequency to understand how many impressions must be served to an Individual, on average, to convert them into a profitable lead
  • Eliminate paying multiple disjointed media networks for the same conversion; Media Arbitrage attributes activity to the responsible network


BridgeTrack Ad Server empowers our clients to manage and optimize their ad campaigns in real time, when it matters.

  • Analyze campaigns in real time using detailed conversion intelligence (including view-through, conversion time-lag, and reach and frequency reports)
  • Increase conversion rates by optimizing creative based on specific performance goals
  • Control the rotation and order of creative presentations—from A, B, C creative sets to complex rotation—based on knowledge of consumer activity or demographics


Encourage loyalty and repeat business by tailoring messages to unique customer relationships.

  • Use simple drag-and-drop design tools to create effective emails using our own templates or your custom design
  • Deliver highly targeted and effective story-based messages, tailored by purchase, email, browsing, transaction, and other activities
  • Conduct A/B Testing on an audience subset to optimize creative
  • Send people the content they care about using segmentation and list management rules
  • Manage delivery to reduce blocks, unsubscribes, and bounces
  • View real-time graphical reporting from transmission through customer action to constantly measure, track and optimize

  • Evaluate both organic search traffic from owned media, and ROI driven by expertly optimized campaigns
  • Fully combine SEO and PPC strategies for optimal performance
  • Create automated bidding rules with integration with Kenshoo


The full suite of BridgeTrack tools works together to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time—across all digital channels.

  • Develop a 360º view of customers, mixing preferences and attributes with behaviors and habits, all in one central location
  • Guide customers from brand discovery to fanatical brand evangelism by creating individualized experiences with each targeted communication, adjusting immersive stories in real time to react to actual customer experiences
  • Deliver a consistent story that spans devices, picking up where customers left off


Deliver on strategic marketing objectives with comprehensive real-time reporting and automation from disparate locations and channels.

  • View, manipulate and analyze vital campaign activity data to maximize your marketing ROI and take your digital marketing to the next level
  • Find the most frequent combination of content and channel advertising that drive conversion to improve investment allocation
  • Evaluate the results of A/B testing or multivariate content tests on landing pages, and auto-optimize landing pages to use “winning” content
  • Dive into email delivery stats (sent, delivered, bounces, opt outs, etc.) and activity stats (opens, clicks, leads, etc.), and drill down to the individual email link activity or group by platform, activity period and more
  • Customize dashboards to display prioritized metrics first
  • Quickly build custom reports as one-time or recurring, and automate report sharing